The elegant solution for hair loss

The Headcover

With the Headcover you always look good. It is easy to place. You do not even have to tie or knot, it simply stays perfectly on your head. You always wear them in pairs. The first Headcover goes over your head like a bandana. The second one is placed over the first as a headband. It creates volume and remains perfectly on your head.

It will not irritate as it is produced without seams. The Headcover is made of a natural lightweight ultra soft cotton instead of synthetic material. In other words no sweating and no irritation. It has been especially produced by us in the Netherlands.

How to use the headcover?

1. Place the first Headcover on your head.
2. Tuck the tip of the band in the back of the neck. The first Headcover is ready now.
3. Place the second Headcover as a headband over the first.
You are ready to go!